Foundation Repair

Building on expansive clay, compressible fill soils, or improver maintenance around foundation can cause foundation settlement and movement requiring foundation repair.“Expansive soils” in our area have an active layer that shrinks and expands with rain and drought. The weather extreme conditions if not mitigated result in a movement of a part or your whole home, and this can cause cracks on the walls. The cracks on different areas of the structure are high stress points on the foundation itself, floors, chimneys, door and window frames, as well as interior or exterior brick or sheetrock walls.

Settlement can destroy the value of structures, and the longer you wait, the more the foundation will wink and cause further and costly damages. If you see signs of foundation distress, don’t delay and get the problem solved..
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Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair specialist work with homeowners in the Dallas and Housotn area to find the right foundation repair plan for their home’s foundation issues.
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Repair Methods

Foundation repair methods can differ, depending on the type of issue your home is experiencing.
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Foundation Repair Cost

Your cost will be dependent on your particular situation. Factors that impact cost include how accessible the sunken portion of the foundation is, the cause of foundation failure and the method of repair.
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FREE Estimate

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support and updates you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance.
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Do you see signs of Foundation Problems? Look no further!

If you being to see the warnings signs that lead to foundaiton problems; do not hesitate to contact us immediately to schedule a FREE inspection.

Warning Signs:

  • Crack walls or floors
  • Cracked exterior concrete
  • Misaligned doors and windowns
  • Cracked Slabs
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Leaks
  • Uneven floors
  • Kitchen cabinets sticking
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There’s Alot Resting In Your Home’s Foundations!


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Foundation Repair

FREE Estimate: If you begin to see signs of foundation problems, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE Estimate. Do not wait any longer, as the problem may worsen.